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Are you unintentionally hurting your brand?

Here are some ways that you might be..

Your brand and visuals don't match

Attracting the wrong audience? When your brand personality doesn't match with the visual design, it might confuse your audience... and even yourself.

Your brand designs are inconsistent

Your designs across your brand touch points are not cohesive. Inconsistent branding sends mixed signals and that's not very professional, is it?

Too much time spent to DIY your brand

Going the DIY route is fine but is it sustainable in the long run? We don't think so! Time spent designing could be spent on the business instead.

Your brand doesn't have to hurt no more.

The sooner you nail down your brand’s visual identity, the
sooner your brand becomes recognisable.

You know who buys from brands they recognise and trust?
Your potential clients, that’s who.

Hey, we're Eliyco!

We are brand designers and visual storytellers
with a passion to help businesses look as good as
the products or services they provide.

Here's how we will help you

We pay attention to your audience first

Align your brand with your audiences’ needs

Matchmake insights with designs that fit

Apply designs across brand’s touch points

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designs being done for you so that you can focus on
growing your business.

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